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My 30's is a crazy life-stage to be in. I have friends who are just getting married, friends who are just having their first babies, and friends who are juggling multiple kids and are well into life with their spouse. One thing I've noticed about first-time moms and baby showers is that everyone focuses on gifting things for the baby. Which is totally awesome! But what about mom? What about that amazing woman, who is your friend, and dealing with her body changing as she feels both excited and terrified all in one crazy, hormone riddled cocktail of emotion? Because of this, I've made a habit of gifting things to mom both pre- and post- baby. After all, she's a freakin' rock star and deserves to be told so!

Today, I've rounded up a few of my favorite things to give the soon-to-be mama that will help her feel prepared, pampered, and somewhat herself during this crazy, beautiful, amazing transition.

BB Cream | Baby Lips | Bag | Hair Ties | Mints | Face Wipes | eos Lotion | Kleenex

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