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We all have it. It’s just that most of the time we don’t notice it. Then we end up in relationships… living with roommates, having boyfriends, getting married… and it becomes painfully apparent. You know what I’m talking about. Our Secret Single Behavior. The SSB. The stuff we used to do without even realizing it, but now that there’s someone to observe our actions, there are just a few things we can’t… or won’t… do in front of others. For Carrie Bradshaw, it was eating jelly and saltine cracker stacks while standing up in her kitchen reading fashion magazines. Mine might be a little less unique, but after being married for five months they became pretty apparent.

You see, last week Gabe went to LA on a business trip for a few days, and for the first time since we moved to San Francisco last October, I feel at home here. So my SSB came out. I know, you want to know what I did when my husband was away that I just don’t do when he’s around. So, here it is. My SSB:

  • I listen to my Kesha station on Pandora. Loudly. All.Day.

Yes, I could listen to my girl-themed dance station with Gabe home, but honestly, he is not a big fan of Kesha, Lady Gaga, or the like, and we have enough musical interests that overlap. Besides, my Kesha station leads to something I do that Gabe can’t really stand, and it’s my No. 2 SSB:

  • I dance. A lot.

You know what I’m talking about. Duck face on, hands in the air, randomly chiming in when I feel particularly strong about the lyrics. Gabe can’t stand the duck-face, and I can’t get down to my heart’s content without it.

  • I do my nails on the bathroom floor.

Okay, usually when I’m doing my nails, I collect my acetone, files, clippers, polish, etc, and cart them all out to the living room, where I lay them out on the coffee table and do my nails. But when my husband isn’t home I revert to my single girl habit of getting out of the shower and sitting down on the bathroom mat with my back against the cabinets while I clean, shape, and paint my nails. I know, it seems like it would be uncomfortable to be curled up on the bathroom floor for that long, but it just feels right.

So, there you have it. My SSB. What SSB do you have?

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