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While this post is actually a day early for me (my husband has today off, so my weekend is long and still going!), I wanted to write a short re-cap of our Valentine’s Day Weekend.

As mentioned previously, we were really low-key this year. Friday night, being the Starbucks Coffee lover that I am, we hit up the world’s biggest Starbucks date and started off our weekend with a walk through our city and a surprise long-stemmed rose before sitting down to our French press for two.

After coffee, we walked to Palomino and had a glass of wine under the Bay Bridge before heading home. It was a perfect start to the weekend.

Saturday morning was gorgeous. We woke up slowly (Gabe surprised me with coffee in bed! My caramel sauce was drizzled on the top of my latte in the shape of a heart!) before getting dressed and heading out with Claire to walk around Land’s End. After an hour or so, we hiked down to the Sutra Baths to FaceTime with Gabe’s family in Ohio and watch his sister get married. Such a sweet reminder of our vows, and a wonderful experience to see Sophie and Kwanza pledge their forever’s to each other.

Saturday night, we had Munchery deliver dinner, and stayed in with a bottle of our favorite wine (Beverino, from Ponte Family Estate in Temecula, CA, where we got married!) and a bottle of champagne.

Sunday we went to church, and then headed to the California Academy of Sciences for coffee and to read a book together. The rest of our Sunday was lazy and relaxing, spent at home. It has been exactly the type of relaxing we needed.

Today, we had the chandelier we were married under hung in our bedroom, so stay tuned as a finish it off and create a version of this Restoration Hardware Chandelier we’ve been drooling over! I’ll post my tutorial later this week!

Also coming up this week will be some packing and traveling tips, as I prepare to spend my birthday weekend in Napa!

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