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Valentine’s Day is this weekend! That means love is in the air, and on my mind. As a newly minted wifey, I can’t help but think about my husband and all the amazing things he has done to show that he loves me!

When we were dating, I remember lots of elaborate gestures to show how much he cared. Extravagant dinners out, jaw-dropping gifts, and perfectly planned surprises were the norm. Yep, Gabriel was an absolutely amazing boyfriend, hitting every ball way out of the park. Even our engagement was perfectly orchestrated and executed (stay tuned for that story later this week!)

Now that we’re married, Gabe still lets me know he adores me, but it’s in subtler ways. He wraps his arms around my waist from behind while I’m making dinner so he can whisper in my ear how amazing it smells. A single stemmed red rose will come home with him from work because he thought about me during the day. I never (and I mean never!) have to do the dishes. He does them for me, because he knows how much I dislike washing them after I’ve been cooking. Even our Valentine’s Day plans have gone from the fancy dinners out of our dating years to something more intimate and low-key.

This year, we’re ordering dinner from Munchery (delicious, freshly-prepared delivery, anyone? If you haven’t checked them out, you’ve got to!) and drinking a bottle of our favorite wine at home. Our gift to each other is finally hanging the chandelier we got married under four months ago over our bed, so we can sleep under it, too. It’s low-key, it’s not flashy, but it’s love.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, don’t forget to show the people you love how much you love them. It doesn’t have to be fancy, elaborate, or expensive. A text, a surprise phone call, or even a hand-written card can make our loved ones day brighter!

So readers, what are your Valentine’s Day plans? Mixing it up this year? Any traditions you can’t wait to continue? I’d love to hear!

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