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I love to spin. It was my favorite workout before Evie. It's the reason I got back into such great shape post-Evie. And it's probably the only at home workout there was any real chance of my sticking to because (drum roll) I LOVE to spin.

We visited several gyms when we moved to Pasadena, but none of them had the type of spin classes I was looking for. And, while I do love Soul Cycle, the lack of childcare and cost per class just didn't line up with our current lifestyle. That's when I started dragging G into the Peloton store to investigate the bikes. I was fairly certain I was interested from the get-go, and after I did a ride in store I was hooked! Within weeks, we had a shiny new Peloton bike in our living room.

I'm going to try to answer some of the most common Q's I get about our Peloton here, and then share a little something that goes a loooonnnnggg way to enjoying my at-home workout.


Honestly, I loved the effortless integration that Peloton provides. The big screen, the monthly fee that allows G and I (and anyone else, honestly) to ride on our bike, the variety of classes, option to ride on demand or live, the Peloton gear you can buy so you feel like you're part of something bigger than your living room - the experience of Peloton is what drew us to them over other indoor options. As to the gym, it was cost and convenience that led us to find a way to work out in home instead.


For me, I love being able to ride on demand. That way, whenever Evie is down, I can hop on the bike. I also love being able to sort by ride type, music genre, ride length, and instructor! It makes it so easy to find exactly what I'm looking for. I also really love the magnetic flywheel. If you've ridden traditional spin bikes, you'll feel the difference for sure! It's so much smoother. I also really love the design. It's not just functional - it's pretty.


Lately, I've been all about the Rhythm rides with Steph Nieman, but I also really love Ally Love (especially when I'm in need of a little inspirational motivation). My favorite thing about the Rhythm rides is how they incorporate upper body movement. It keeps me distracted from how tired my legs are... and I love moving to the music. When I think I can't keep going, it's the drive to stay on beat that gets the last 5% of effort I have to give out of me.


Such a good question! Because it could feel very isolated, riding alone with headphones in your home. Fortunately, Peloton has so many options for you to be social! Live rides put you on the bike with thousands of other riders across the US, and allow for interaction on the screen in real time with them! There's also a very active Facebook group for Peloton members, where you can find & invest in as much community as you desire! Additionally, as a Peloton member you can ride in any showroom across the US (Such a fun perk - especially when you're traveling).

So, now that I've covered the questions, here's my trick - the little something extra that makes working out at home so good - I make eucalyptus spa towels that I keep in the fridge for post-workout. They're so refreshing, and it's that little touch of luxury that makes working out at home not seem so bad after all ;-)

Making them is so easy! For four wash clothes, I take 2 cups of water, and add 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops of lemon essential oil. I then saturate each cloth, wring them out thoroughly, and roll them up before sticking them in a ziplock bag that goes into the fridge! It's so simple, but it's that little extra touch that makes all the difference for me.

Interested in trying Peloton for yourself? You can get $100 off accessories when you purchase your bike by using my code: AU3HRN (and, FYI, shoes are $125 so the code brings them down to just $25! How great is that?!).

Happy Riding!

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