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It's no secret that I'm willing to pay for products that work when it comes to beauty and skincare, but fortunately my favorite mascara & brow company isn't super pricey! If you've not met them yet, let me introduce you to Benefit Cosmetics. No, this post isn't sponsored, I just really really really love their stuff (and I'll bet you will, too!).

I first discovered Benefit when I was searching for something to fill in my brows (the women in my family have notoriously thin brows). I'd tried a few drugstore staples, but while the colors would match, the pencils were just so waxy and stiff. I never got a natural look that I liked, and it was a pain to get the mistakenly drawn lines off my skin. I could learn to use powder - but let's face it, that's too involved for me. I wanted something effortless that produced natural looking results. That's when I stumbled upon the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in Shade 2. It glides on smoothly, and (my fav part) only adheres to the hair - which means any poorly drawn lines wipe right off. It's 30 seconds per eye, and I'm off. L-O-V-E this stuff.

I received the they're Real! mascara as a sample with my purchase of the brow pencil one day, and gave it a try. Up until then, a now-discontinued mascara had been my everyday go-to, but one use and this Benefit beauty kicked it right off it's pedestal. The they're Real! adds length and definition without getting heavy or clumpy, and doesn't flake. In fact, none of the Benefit mascaras flake. It doesn't curl your lashes, though, which is why when the Roller Lash came out, it quickly became my every day mascara. It's great for curl & lift, and my lashes are already rather long. I still use the they're Real! when I want length, and just curl my lashes manually beforehand.

The most recent addition to my Benefit arsenal is the BADgal Bang! volumizing mascara. I love that this mascara really adds thickness to my lashes without getting clumpy. Again, I usually curl my lashes first with this one, though I see a bit of curl when I just use it solo. This is my favorite mascara for when I'm getting done up for the day. A word of warning: this mascara brush is so light and feathery! It requires a very gentle hand to get the application right. And make sure to wiggle your brush side to side as you swipe up for even 360 application (a good tip anytime you're applying mascara!).

Have you tried any of the Benefit products? Which are your favs? I need to add some new ones to my cosmetic bag soon!


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