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I'm kicking myself for not sharing this with you sooner. Seriously. Because it's low-key brilliant, IMO. Like clockwork, and like most kids, Evie outgrows her wardrobe every three months or so. Which is totally okay with me! I look at this as an opportunity to create a seasonal capsule wardrobe (and live a little vicariously through her, because who doesn't want a brand new wardrobe every season?!).

With spring approaching, I'm loving stripes and soft neutrals, especially blush, grey, and white. So it's no surprise that those shades and patterns are the ones I gravitated towards when building Evie's wardrobe last week.

I had been eyeing these adorable ruffled sleeved onesies from Carter's for a few weeks now, and they were the start of my wardrobe. From there, I added some sweaters, a few pairs of bottoms (leggings, jeans, and joggers), a dress and several cute accessories in the form of headbands and shoes. I love that everything mixes and matches, and has the ability to be layered up or down as the weather requires.

So, how do you build your own kid's seasonal capsule wardrobe? Read below for a few tips, and snag my downloadable Spring Kid's Capsule Wardrobe checklist! That way, you know what you're looking for & can build confidently!

TIP No. 1: Find 1-2 pieces you want to build everything around

For me, my core pieces were the pack of B&W onesies and this sweet blush oversized sweater. I wanted to get a lot of use out of those items, so I made sure that the accessories & bottoms played well with both of them.

TIP No. 2: Focus on basics & staples

A good skinny jean, oversized denim jacket, and t-shirts make up the core of this wardrobe. They can be used in so many ways - she'll outgrow them before I run out of outfit options.

TIP No. 3: Accessorize wisely

Mommy L-O-V-E-S her accessories, and Evie's options are no exception. We love Baby Bling bows because they're soft, stretchy, don't leave dents on her little head, and come in so many colors and patterns. We add 1-2 to her collection each season. Evie also has several awesome shoes, ranging from these cozy Uggs for the chilly days to these beautiful rose gold Michael Kors sneakers (currently under $25!). We also always have 1-3 pairs of Freshly Picked Moccs in our shoe drawer at all times. They have great grip for little ones learning to walk, and are the softest leather. They're easily our favorite shoes we own.

Ready? Great! Grab your printable checklist here and have fun building!


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