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In some ways, I miss the days of endless bottles. I didn't need much to feed Evie. Just my Kiinde System and lots of milk (we started with breastmilk and switched to formula at 5 months). These days, while we still use & love the Kiinde (it holds food, too - essentially you can make your own squeeze pouches!), we need more than bottles to get through the day.

At 9 months old, Evie is sporting 6 teeth and ready to learn to feed herself (gah!!), which led G and I to a Buy Buy Baby trip in search of the perfect high chair. You guys know my aesthetic - I don't like anything to be busy, bulky, or in any shades except black, white & grey. Additionally, I wanted something that was easy to wipe without being plastic-y, and something that would transition with Evie, because I hate buying something that you use for a few months then have to purchase something different. After trying a handful of high chairs, the one all three of us gave our stamp of approval was the Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair.

I love this high chair for a few reasons: First, it is in the soft shades of grey & white that the rest of our home sports, making it a beautiful addition instead of a necessary eyesore. Next, the materials are all easily wipeable without feeling plastic-y or stiff. In fact, the chair material is so soft that Evie loves to caress it while she eats! Finally, it's easy to use & safe. The 5 point harness system helps me feel confident that Evie isn't going anywhere, even when I set her in it and walk away to grab more puffs, and the tray can slide on and off with just one hand.

The biggest bonus? It converts to a toddler chair, so Evie will be able to enjoy her Tuo well into her terrible twos ;-)

We're still experimenting (so I'm open to suggestions!), but so far we really love these BPA-free silicon spoons from Beaba and this uber affordable set of plastic dishes that's part of the Pillowfort line at Target. We keep hearing that we should get bibs with pockets (and, TBH, with the mess Evie keeps making of her pants, I'm considering it..), but for now, we use & love these soft muslin bibs from Aden & Anais. The sippy cup we're trying to learn to use is this one from Oxo, but so far Evie's not really a fan. I'd love to hear what cups worked for you other moms out there!

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