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And just like that, Evie's been here longer than I carried her (and then some!). I can not believe that my little lady has transitioned from newborn to baby to kid. She has grown into her own little person over the past four weeks. She plays games, does things to make us laugh intentionally, and has different growls for happy, hungry, and ANGRY! LOL. I am loving doing life with this little girlie.

On Evie - Shoes: c/o Freshly Picked | Jeans: Old Navy | Top: Jumping Bean

On Me - Top: Madewell | Sunnies: Prada | Jeans: Express


Doing so much better! A lot of Evie's difficult personality from my last update was really just her frustration manifesting as she struggled to master her most recent developmental leap (and teeth those two new teeth in - we have four now!). We took a full two weeks off of doing anything scheduled over the holidays (G and I both) and just soaked up time with each other and Evie. We didn't even travel to see family, or have them come see us, and while it was different, it was so good! I've realized that Evie and I both need a little more schedule in our days, so I picked up this planner at Target and I'm getting back to the 15 min blocks of time I used to schedule my days pre-Evie. It's definitely helping, and I love that it does months & days. That's what this blogger brain needs.


  • Baby Lady

  • Little Lady

  • Beastie

  • LiLi (something she's started saying over and over and over...)


  • Significantly improved motor skills (we can grab anything with our "pinchers" aka thumb and forefinger)

  • Crawling (finally)

  • Two new teeth up top, for a total of four

  • Lots of babbling (Blah Blah Blah and LiLiLi are the favs)

  • "Talks" to us about things she sees

  • Notices changes (like when we took Christmas down) and wants to talk about/be reassured that they're ok


Thanks to Skip Hop, we've finally added a proper highchair to our home, and it makes all the difference during meals! Evie is happier, and safer, and having a big tray was instrumental in her finally mastering "pinching" so she can eat puffs all on her own. Evie's also really into things that can stack, topple, and bang, so we can't get enough of this xylophone in the prettiest grey & blush shades, these stacking cups, and this cuter than cute fox stacking ring set (all of which she got for Christmas!).


Next up is more shoes & clothes, for sure! Evie is starting to tug on her 9 month onesies (gah! Already? Seriously?) so we need to size up in those. I've got my eye on the new B&W things from Carter's - especially this pack of onesies - and I'm dying for this pair of Freshly Picked Moccs!

We'll also be adding a walking toy sometime this month, since Evie is always looking for ways to pull up and cruise these days. I'd love any suggestions you mommas have! You can message me here, or just comment below!

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