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One of the easiest things for me to do is dream & plan. I've always had a propensity to daydream and imagine, and when you let that loose on a creative platform like this - let's just say I have quite the vision for what life looks like in five years! Combine that with my type-A INFJ planning personality & science background, and you have what *should* make for a powerhouse. I say should, because so often (like most people) my dreams stay dreams. I get tired. I let my drive dwindle as I get mired down by the day to day demands, and then look back six months into the year and wonder why I let go of so much.

But I have discovered a few key things that keep me motivated and on track, so I don't end up staring at my January goals in June with regret! Below are just a few tips & tricks to make 2018 not just start out right, but keep going your way.

First though, I feel the need to give a quick disclaimer: I'm not perfect. I'm far from it, including when it comes to accomplishing my goals. And this isn't something I really share here, but I struggle with periods of heavy depression. In fact, post-Evie, I let a lot of things personally and professionally go. I wasn't formally diagnosed post-Evie, but during my pregnancy I was given some medication to help with my depression, and once Evie was here I had several very dark weeks during her second month. Someday, maybe I'll share more. But I just wanted to say that I'm definitely not the "All positive/ all successful / always motivated" one!

1) Get a planner.... and use it!

This! This is key to me executing anything, including grocery shopping and laundry. If it's in the planner, I'll do it. I found this planner at Target, and I love that it gives me a month overview, then a daily calendar with spots for my Top Three priorities, a to-do list, and an hourly schedule. Personally, I break the schedule down into 15 min increments. I find that I get so much more done that way. Add some colorful pens and stickers, and you're all set! Head to my Instagram today and check out my stories to see what my daily calendar looks like.

2) Dream with your best friend

For me, this is G. We sit down at the beginning of each year and dream a bit about what we want to see happen. Just dream. Give yourself some space to be wild, and not think about the details. Just think about what you'd love to see happen.

3) Once you've dreamt, come up with your Big WIGs.

Each year, you should have 1-3 WIGS - aka Wildly Important Goals. Studies show that more than three goals means you'll accomplish 1-2, and more than 10 means you'll accomplish zero, since you're spread too thin. So, take your dreams and distill them into 1-3 big, overarching goals. Any smaller goals you have should feed into them - as in, accomplishing them directly leads to you being able to accomplish your Big WIGs. Remember that your goals should all be "X to Y by time Z" format, so you can measure and monitor your achievements.

4) Pick up a few things that make you excited to accomplish each task

Shopping? I do that best with a cup of coffee in hand. Working out? I'll take my fav workout tank in all the colors, thank you very much. Blogging? I do that best with a cute laptop sleeve. What I'm saying is find items that make you excited to participate in your goals. I know (really, I just do) that I workout harder/better/faster/stronger if I've got those new Nike's on ;-)

and finally:

5) Give yourself some grace

Judgement, guilt, and punishment will never help you accomplish your dreams. Speaking to yourself positively and lovingly when you fall will. The voice you hear most often is the one inside your head (aka yours!), so make the effort to speak encouraging, loving, uplifting truths to yourself. It's cliche, but true. Speaking to yourself in love will enable you to achieve far more than speaking judgement.

That's it! Is there anything you guys do that helps you achieve your goals? Share it below!

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