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I don't pretend to be a makeup guru - I'm a fair hand at doing my own, but that's about it - but I do dabble quite a bit in the beauty realm. Before I graduated college and started using my chemistry skills in the ocean, I had a summer job working for a cosmetics manufacturer (!!!). I was involved in producing and formulating products for Paul Mitchell, Schwarzkopf, and TIGI (just to name a few), and as a result I have a fair understanding of active ingredients and what I'm looking for in my product choices.

While my hair care choices have been informed and specific for well over a decade, my skin care choices ares something I re-examined when I got pregnant. Up to that point, I'd just used the same few items that had always worked for my skin. Then pregnancy. Hormones. Mayhem. Thank goodness Dermalogica had reached out and offered to share some of their products with me. The first thing I tried was their Daily Superfoliant, and Oh My Goodness. Why didn't someone tell me my skin could be so smooth and fresh looking? Since then, I've slowly adjusted my daily skincare routine to what it is now: a simple, Dermalogica-heavy process that leaves my skin looking fresh, dewy, and requiring nothing more than a tinted moisturizer when I go out. Today, I want to share my routine with you, and give you the chance to win some Dermalogica products of your own!

Every morning, I wash my face with the Daily Superfoliant. Next, I spritz on some toner to provide a little extra hydration. I follow that up with my Stress Positive Eye Lift before applying my moisturizer. If my skin needs a little something extra, I add a drop or two (that's all!) of the Phyto Replenish Oil to my moisturizer before applying. That's it for the AM!

At night, I start with their Precleanse Balm. Just a pea-sized amount goes onto my fingertips, then I rub it all over my face to remove my makeup. Next, I get my mitt damp (comes with the balm!) and use it to gently exfoliate my skin while it emulsifies the balm. Then I rinse it all off, and follow with the Daily Superfoliant. Two or three days a week, I follow this step with the Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask, which helps boost collagen synthesis and repair damage caused by free radicals. Next comes a spritz of toner to add more hydration, followed by the Stress Positive Eye Lift, my Nightly Lip Treatment, and my moisturizer.

I think what I love so much about Dermalogica is the simplicity of it. Just a handful of products that take no time to use and pack a serious punch. The biggest bonus is that my skin is so fresh and healthy, my makeup routine is also minimal and under 5 minutes! Dermalogica saves me time in so many different ways.

Now, here's your chance to get some Dermalogica of your own! Just head on over to my Instagram for your chance to win.

Merry Christmas!

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