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Evie is six months old, and I'm busy.

Did you catch that? Not "busy". Not latte-grabbing, girlfriend-gabbing, appointment-making busy. Nope.

B-U-S-Y busy.

Like, wake up at 7AM, make the bottle and the coffee, read a Psalm, take 75 or so snapchat selfies while Evie giggles her head off, go on a walk, set up the Bumbo with the Baby Einstein Octopus so E can play while I shower, get dressed, get Evie dressed... and did I mention that's all before 9AM?! Busy. (And speaking a language that I never understood before becoming a mom. I mean seriously, WTF is a Bumbo? Only the moms know).

Top: Harlowe & Graham | Joggers: Zella | Sunglasses: Le Spec | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Coach

Don't get me wrong: I love my new type of busy. The complication is that I now need outfits that let me run around the house AND run out to coffee. Enter elevated athleisure, and my sigh of relief!

I love how together yet comfy and effortless this style lets me be, while still fitting my words. While I'm at home, I can just toss on some comfy sneakers and I'm good to go. And when I'm ready to run out and meet some girlfriends for a coffee? Just a few accessories quickly elevate the look.

You know my $$ always go to shoes, sunglasses, and handbags. This effortless elevation is exactly the reason why. All I need to do to this look is toss on my studded Coach block heels, grab my mixed materials Edie and finish with my silver mirrored sunnies.

One of the reasons I LOVE the Coach Edie is it's luxurious looking (suede and leather always do that), slouchy enough to be casual, and big enough to be my "diaper bag" (feels like I'm cheating, carrying such a chic piece all the time!).

What are some of your favorite ways to dress up your daily look?

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