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Y'all, Evelyn is Six (SIX?!) months old. I can't believe how big she's become! My little lady is eating "solids" (can they be called that when they're all smushed up?), drinking out of a cup, and *almost* on the move (#anydaynow). Time feels like it goes by so much faster when you're a mom. Earlier this week, I was cleaning up/out her old clothes since the bags of "these no longer fit" were beginning to pile up, and literally burst into tears when I held her newborn PJ's - I can't believe she used to be so small!

One of the things I waited for with the most anticipation was when her bitty "I was born early" feet would be big enough for shoes, and I have to admit, the only shoes this little lady of mine wears are Freshly Picked moccasins.

Full disclosure here: I do receive their shoes for free in exchange for helping to promote them on social media, but I have a secret: I would've bought their shoes anyways (Shhhh! Don't tell ;-) ). Before Evie was here, I knew I wanted only the best for her, and after having the chance to feel how soft the leather these moccs are made of is, I knew that these were the shoes she'd be wearing. I love how they form to her little feet, and become even softer with time. And Evie loves them, too. Unlike her socks, she leaves the moccs on when she wears them!

Now, onto the update:

- She LOVES sweet potatoes, but can't stand bananas

- When in the stroller, she'd rather face mom than face out (Mom is the BEST)

- Daddy's deep voice always gets the biggest smiles

- For some reason, nothing gets her belly laughing like the word "Chicken"

- Chloe (our whippet) is her favorite friend, and she loves "petting" (ok, grabbing) her (and thankfully, Chloe is the best sport!)

- We can almost crawl (our best is currently just dragging ourselves around with our arms!)

Simplicity & Coffee will never be a mom blog, but I do love being a mom, and will always share bits and pieces of that facet of my life here.

I'd love to hear from you! Do you like these updates? Want more mom content? What would you like to see/hear from me? Comment below!!

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