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If you follow me on Instagram (@simplicityandcoffee), you know how overwhelming NSale can be! My head was spinning trying to cover everything. However, I noticed that some of my favorite bloggers (like Shannon from IBI) only shared things that they were interacting with and genuinely loved, which is such a breath of fresh air amidst the "buy it all!" chaos. So I've decided to share just a few posts over the next few weeks, and I'm going to try to avoid doing too many collages! Instead, I want to share the products I actually interact with with you guys. I'm meeting my photographer on Sunday to shoot the basics that came home with me, but in the mean time, I thought I'd take this weekend to share my favorite weekend wear pieces from the sale with you! (Click on the pics of each item to shop them!)

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of sneakers now that Evie's here, and it's also no secret that I'm neutral to the core (give me all the blush, grey, beige, black, white and olive!). So when I saw these two pairs of Nike's in blush and white, I fell in love. I still haven't decided which pair to add (I love the white, but I *do* have some Adidas maybe the blush? what do you think?) but one of them will join my sneaker ranks before Early Access is out!

When it's the weekend, casual is the name of the game for us, and Nike is my favorite, so I was instantly drawn to the black high-rise capris. Anything that helps tame my not *quite* toned again tummy is a plus. And, while I've not tried anything Zella, I have girl friends who swear by them, and this blush pair of high waisted leggings is really calling my name (as are the fun grey patterned pair!)

I am living in sports bras right now (fun breast-feeding fact: you're boobs aren't necessarily the same size... mine are currently a C-cup on one side and an A on the other), and this blush color needs to join my current set-up of black, white, and grey.

Since I'm loving high-waists right now (like the Rag & Bone jeans I snagged yesterday at the sale), this crop sweatshirt would be the perfect cozy twist on loungewear.

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