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Between pregnancy and being a new mom, visiting a tanning booth or getting a spray tan just haven't been feasible. And while I could spend time with self-tanners, sometimes you need an instant glow and don't have time for that gradual build. That's where Say Hello to Sexy Legs come in. This lotion washes off with soap and water at the end of the day, but leaves you with a flawless bronze glow until then!

Illuminating Fluid | Tinted Glow Gel | Contour Stick

I've already used this product three times since Evie came 4 weeks ago, and don't see that use rate diminishing any time soon!

I love the all over, even coverage of the Tinted Glow Gel, and while I haven't yet mastered the Contour Stick, I L-O-V-E the extra glow that the Illuminating Fluid gives to my legs!

It took a while to master the application of the product, so here are my tips:

1) Start with clean, exfoliated, shaved legs that have been moisturized and had time to dry! I usually lotion than wait 5 minutes before applying the Tinted Glow Gel.

2) Apply a line of glow gel from knee to ankle, then rub in using both hands in a circular motion, heading out and down the sides of your leg. Repeat on thigh.

3) Stop blending when it starts to feel a bit sticky! Otherwise you get uneven coverage.

There's a reason this stuff is on the best selling list at Sephora, guys! So pick some up and have it on hand for that last-minute moment when you realize you need a tan!

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