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Jeans: Target | Shoes: Madewell | Clutch: c/o Louise & Eleanor | Sunnies: Henri Bendel

I can't believe I am five weeks away from #DDAY... and I can't believe I still might have up to seven weeks of being pregnant ;-/ It's true what they say about third tri. There's a lot of new discomfort, and you're just ready to not be pregnant anymore, no matter what that looks like or how it happens!

Although, honestly, I'd be surprised if I made it to the full forty weeks. My body is already sending "we're going into labor soon" signals. I just hope by "soon" it means in about 2 weeks time, because I am SO READY to meet this little girl.


So big, and so achy, and so very, very big. Even my "big" things are starting to be tight, but with just a handful of weeks left I'm not sure I want to invest in anything new, except maybe some sweat shorts. Ironically, I actually lost some weight, so the bigness is all baby girl. Evie's still transverse, so I"m in quite a bit of pain since her 18 inch head-to-toe self doesn't really fit quite right in my 11 inch side-to-side body. I think it's safe to say both of us are uncomfortable and not pleased with the situation. I'm hoping she spins head down soon, or a scheduled C might be in my future (although, again, I'm game for whatever makes me not pregnant! LOL).


Random things when I crave anything at all. Corn dogs with LOTS of mustard. Dots are still top of the list. And anything fresh I can *usually* stomach (apples, oranges, raw veggies, fresh salsa). I'm generally just not hungry and pretty nauseous, so eating at all is a task instead of a desire these days.


Everything! I feel like I'm bursting at the seams. My back aches, my tummy feels like it's going to explode, Evie stretching side to side makes me cry out in pain most times, my feet are tired... and definitely DON'T let the dogs try and lay on me!! Ugh.


Still the Snoogle. I wouldn't be sleeping as much as I am without it, although with the bigger Evie and side-to-side lie (technical term: she's transverse), I get woken up from the pain fairly frequently. I'm also really enjoying and trying to focus on putting the finishing touches on the nursery, and still loving everything Aden and Anais. I snagged some wash clothes and hooded towels from them. I also grabbed this baby tub and the 4Moms faucet protector and temperature monitor. I love everything 4Moms lately. It's so intelligent and makes my life much easier.


Finishing the nursery, and not being pregnant! I feel like I have so much to do still, and time is getting short! But I hope it's shorter rather than longer!


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