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Sweater: Express| Tank: Blanqi | Watch: Timex | Bracelet: Kendra Scott | Cuff: Daniel Wellington

Week 33! We are moving right along towards Evie's arrival. I'm still hoping for a mid-April appearance for a few selfish reasons: 1) Mid-April makes her a Taurus instead of an Aries and 2) I like April's birthstone more than May's! But all silliness aside, I'm looking forward to a healthy baby girl and figuring out life as a family of 3.


Achy, sore, swollen, nauseous, moody, tired.... you name it, I've got it, including the constantly burning yet numb sensation that comes from having your ribcage stretched past what it's cool with! It's all "normal" for the 3rd trimester, but that doesn't make it easier to handle! Thankfully, my nausea is controlled by the anti-nausea medicine prescription I have (yay!), and everything else is managed by willpower during the day, and a bath + early bed time. So far, no swollen hands or feet (thank goodness!) but my "nether regions" are so puffy I can't believe it. Who even knew that was a thing?! I'm sure a lot of the discomfort (okay, pain, let's be real here) is because Evie has decided to flip transverse (aka side to side) and is kicking the $$$$ out of my ribs and obliques. I can't wait for girlfriend to go head-down again and give this mama some relief!


More of the same. Red meat, ice water, dots, all the citrus and apples... and, lately the Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut milk has topped the charts as my favorite treat.


Being up late (I loose all emotional and mental sanity), being touched (I'm already SO TIRED of not ever actually being still... even when I'm still, someone else is occupying my body and wiggling it....grrr), having my complaints minimized (seriously? Just tell me you hear me. Don't tell me it's normal... it being normal doesn't make it any less painful or uncomfortable!).


Right now, I'm really crushing on some new items for me! I'm in love with my Coach Rogue bag (also eyeing it in this color), these cute and comfortable Steve Madden platforms (and for real suede and leather, you can't beat the price! They're currently on sale for less than $50), and these new dresses from Ingrid and Isabel (so soft and flattering!)


This week, my mom is visiting since G is out of town and with the preterm labor it's not a great idea for me to be home alone for extended periods of time. We're going to make freezer meals, organize the kitchen, and just hang out. I'm really excited for my time with her!

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