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One of the most challenging things about pregnancy is finding clothes that flatter a body that is literally different from one day to the next. I love fashion, and having a wardrobe that effortlessly transitions through the seasons, and that has been next to impossible without spending $$ monthly on new items. I plan to do a capsule wardrobe post early next month to hopefully save some of you mamas the headache I dealt with when I discovered just how changeable a body can be, but for now, how about taking a look at these amazing pants, and chatting about accessories?

Top: Similar | Pants: Similar | Shoes: BCBG | Bag: Similar | Sunnies: Henri Bendel

I found these on clearance at TJMaxx two sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size, and for $8 snatched them up! That is one tip I would share: try things on larger, and if it's less than $10 and fun, go for it! Affordable pieces that make you feel awesome during each stage are worth that price. Save the big $$ for the core of your capsule wardrobe.

I paired them with a Trouve tank from two seasons ago, but any soft black tank would work! The real kicker here though are my accessories.

I loved accessories pre-pregnancy, and I adore them now that I'm pregnant for one very simple reason: they always fit. No matter how bloated, not bloated, belly popped, Evie making the right side HUGE compared to the left, etc, my stomach gets, adding a great handbag, statement sunnies, and amazing shoes can instantly elevate any look, and they all worked pre-pregnancy, work during pregnancy, and will still look amazing post-pregnancy!

My accessories are rarely affordable, never cheap, and always worth every penny. Take these Henri Bendel Sunnies for example: At just under $200, they're not affordable. But they are also not cheap. The materials they're made of are quality, and they look as amazing today as they did a year ago when I picked them up for the first time. The blue mirror is smudge and scratch free, the matte black finish isn't wearing or fading, and the metal fixings are all shiny and holding strong. An investment piece like this is well worth the higher price tag.

How about you, Reader? Any pieces that you consistently think are worth the investment?

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