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I think I'm in love. Seriously feeling all the heart-eyes, which was so unexpected for this pragmatical girl. I don't give my affections easily (G will tell you: it even took me a week or two to give my heart to our adorable whippet puppy!), and was fully expecting to not really fall in love with Evie until she'd been out and in my arms for a while. In fact, up until Saturday, while I "loved" my daughter-to-be, I wasn't super emotionally attached (you can read more about why I had my heart-shield up in the earlier update and faith posts), but after the 20 week ultrasound, my heart turned to mush.

This (to the best of current medical knowledge!) healthy, whole little girl has the cutest nose I've EVER seen. She is already putting her toes up in front of her face and grabbing them with her hands. And she's a wiggly monster. She moves a lot (apparently even when I can't feel her!) and I feel her so frequently.

Yes, Reader, it's safe to say I'm finally at the stage where I love my bump and my baby girl. I still don't like being pregnant (let's be real - does anyone?!), but I'm a much happier me.


Happy. I'm loving having a bump to dress. I have to keep reminding myself it's okay to let some styles pass me by, and instead embrace the hella-curves I have right now. Physically, I'm still really achy, and starting to get some pretty intense calf and foot cramps, but for the most part I'm feeling the best I've felt so far.

G and I at the Coach Memorial City event last week


Sadly, PASTRIES. I want to eat ALL THE CAKES AND COOKIES. Somebody stop me!! Okay, so really I'm stopping myself. I have a strict "No more than one treat" a day policy, and besides that consume lots of fruits and veggies. But it still surprises me how much I want sweets. I'm usually a very sparing sweets person, but pregnancy has given me the most ridiculous sweet-tooth of my adult life!


All the water I have to drink. Seriously. It's a miracle I ever eat ANYTHING considering how full of liquids I am all the time.


I have to say, the things I'm loving the most right now are comfy loungewear and stylish accessories. I love that my accessories always fit and elevate whatever I've got on. I'm crushing so hard on my Coach Saddle Bag, Henri Bendel Sunnies, Prada Sunnies, and this (on sale!!) necklace from Madewell.


Christmas in California! As you're reading this, G and I and the puppies (oh my!) are all flying to CA to spend some much needed vacation time with each other, family, and friends. I can't wait to eat In N Out (OH YEAH!!!), go to Disneyland (yes, my husband spoils me!), and just hug my mom and sister-in-law. Oh, and talk to my niece in person. She's seriously my favorite person ever (sorry G!), even though she's only 4. Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (@simplicityandco) for a glimpse of all the holiday shenanigans.

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