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Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year. I love the warmth, the giving, the hope, the emphasis on showing the people in your life how much you care - it's the best. And if you're like me, you've been trying to slyly listen to your loved ones for ideas before heading out on the Christmas gift hunt. So I've rounded up several gift guides for her in one post! Super convenient, right?! My gift guides for Him will go live next Wednesday, and on the 21st I'll post a special "last minute" guide with great gifts that will get to you before the 25th! Happy Gifting!


A simple way to tell someone you care. These are some of my favorite small bits that pack a big punch. I'm a sucker for the Gold-Foil Anthropologie initial mugs, and many of my favorite lipsticks and mascaras fall into this category!


It won't come as any surprise to you that most of these are simple, comfortable, and chic. This is my day-to-day basics arsenal. I think my favorite thing on this list (if I have to pick one!) is the Pandora Double-Wrap bracelet. I love that G surprises me with new charms for special events and memories. It's a gift that really keeps giving, and becomes more and more precious as the years go by.


This is where most of my favorite owned items can be found! For the traveler in your life, I highly recommend the Sole Society Weekender. It holds EVERYTHING, and is so chic and durable. The shoes I've included are all favorites and on consistent rotation (seriously! Check out the Fashion Page. Guaranteed you'll find all three within the past three months). I especially love the Kate Spade Wink beanie for this winter! So playful and cozy.


I've rounded up my favorite items from $150 to $1500. Some of these I personally own and love (like the Kate Spade Scarf, Guess Watch, and Coach Saddlebag) and others I've been lusting after (I mean, who doesn't want several Chloe bags in their closet!?).

I h0pe this round-up gave you some amazing ideas! If you're still on the hunt after this, I highly recommend Dress Up Buttercup, Style The Girl, and The Style-Lynn Life for more inspo!

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