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Fall travel can be difficult, especially since the weather can vary so widely state to state! For example, I'm sitting comfortably in the 70's in Houston, my folk's are in the 90's in Southern California, and G's Family in Ohio has weather in the 40's! I personally have found that even weather apps can be wrong, so I've learned to pack in layers that allow me to be comfortable from the 30's to the 70's, and thought I'd share my carry-on sized Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe with you all!

I find that bringing several types of tops, a few pairs of bottoms (one denim, one not), a variety of shoes (warm to cold) and some fun accessories really help me to mix and match enough outfits to get through a week of visiting without repeating my look. You can shop all these pieces via the widget below. I own everything but the wool coat and the purse (though I'm eyeing both!) and can attest for their comfort, versatility, and quality.

Did I miss something that's a must in your fall travel bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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