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I'm one of those lucky girls who was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up with trips to the beach and mountains being a standard part of life, along with open windows, dripping popsicles, smoky bonfires, and toasty s'mores (and yes, I miss all those things).

While my style sense elevated and evolved in the best ways during our two year stint in San Francisco, my core fashion formula comes from the effortless lifestyle of the Southern California Beach city.

I picked up this tank dress at Express several weeks ago, and I love it. It's t-shirt material - read incredibly soft and very figure flattering - and the twist in the hem gives it just enough detail to be interesting. It's also quintessentially LA - interesting and effortless.

Dress: Express | Shoes: Adidas | Jacket: Similar | Bag: Similar | Watch: Guess | Sunnies: Similar

I paired it with my current sneaker obsession: the Adidas Neo. They have a simple B&W stripe down the back that I just love.

One of the things I miss most about living in California is the integration of outdoor living with daily life. We closed the windows to our Newport Beach apartment only on the 5-7 days it rained each year. We closed our San Francisco windows slightly more often, but again, only due to rain. We've lived in Houston for 6 months now, and never has the weather been cooperative enough for us to open a single window. I'm still struggling to adjust to life in a climate controlled box. Honestly, part of me hopes I never quite do.

Thanks to the perpetually hot summers, Houston stores all have their air conditioning pumping, keeping the interior a cool 65F, which is a brutal contrast to the 106F outside! To handle all those cold Houston interiors, I tied my denim jacket around my waist and completed the look with some silver accents and a pop of red. Perfect for a hot Houston summer day.

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