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I've been wearing lace-up shoes for just over a year now, and I am so glad they're here to stay! There's something that's just so chic about them. A few weeks ago, I saw fellow blog babe and friend Lilly (her stuff here!) wearing these simple leather lace-up sandals from Madewell and had to have them! I picked them up two weeks ago, and have been wearing them non-stop.

One of my favorite things about these flats is how versatile they are. With the simple structure and long laces, they are so easy to transition between looks. Here are three different ways I love tying them to change things up:

1) The Ankle-Wrap

This is my usual go-to with these. Just wrap the laces around your ankle a few times, tie a bow at the front (or the back!) and go.

2) The Low Gladiator

If you want just a bit of edge, wrap the laces so you get one big X just above your ankle then tie tightly to keep from slipping.

3) The Gladiator

To make a bold statement, wrap the laces from ankle to shin, creating two big X's on your leg before tying in a simple knot just below the knee. This keeps them from slipping back down your leg!

That's it! Want to try these out for yourself? Shop a few of our current favs below!

Have fun changing up your look with just a few variations on the laces.

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