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I do not like color. I know what you're thinking, Reader - "But your Cabo pictures from mere days ago are so colorful!" - and they are, because I do love color at the beach. How could you not, with the blues, greens, reds, and yellows that are popping everywhere?! But that's it. And since most of my life is sadly not lived in bikinis, I tend to stick with my black, white, grey, and neutral scheme (just you watch; I'm in San Antonio right now and my ENTIRE wardrobe for the trip is black, with the exception of an olive green sleeveless trench, which will be on the blog next week, and my current obsession: the camel colored chunky heels from Express).

Since I prefer low-to-no color environments and high-rise buildings, I had been avoiding the new Sugar and Cloth Color Wall in Houston. But, when my girl friend and fellow blog babe Roselynn from the Style_Lynn Kind suggested shooting there before grabbing lunch at Tout Suite, I simply had to say yes.

I wore all white since we were shooting with so much bold color, and I have to admit I don't mind the way these images turned out, thanks to Lynn's mad photo shooting skills!

The only break in my white ensemble were my tan belt from Target and these gorgeous, soft, suede knotted heels by Joe's Jeans. (I've been obsessed with all things suede for the past year! See some more of my favorite suede shoes here).

Shoes: Joe's Jeans | Sunnies: Prada | Belt: Target | Jeans: Levi's | Top: Target | Watch: Guess

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