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Happy Tuesday, Reader! Welcome back to my What NOT To Wear series! Today we'll be tackling taboo fashion trend #2: The horizontal stripe. The idea behind saying this is a "no-no" for petite women is that we're already short, and so we don't want to look wider, giving us the short & stumpy effect. However, if you make the stripes bold, graphic, and really cover your body with them, I think we can rock it! Here's one of my all time favorite stripe looks:

I think this look works for a few reasons. First off, the variation in stripe size creates a lot of interest. Secondly, the mid-rib bearing creates a much longer looking torso. Finally, the high-waisted to mid-shin length of the skirt really elongates the legs. These three things together counterbalance the sideways pull of the stripes by creating a long, lean sillhouette.

So why don't you go ahead and give those stripes a try, fellow fashion rule breaker?

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