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Hello Reader!

I thought I would begin a new post that occurs on Saturdays to share my favorite sales and items! First up this week is Julep and their major sale!

I've raved (I think rightly so!) about their Gel Glider Eyeliner and Lipstick previously (see posts here and here), and usually include one or both products on my gift guides because they are legitmately my favs. There are two great ways to get things for very reasonable prices on Julep:

1) Become a Maven. Upside: you get great discounted pricing on every item on the website, and a fun surprise box sent every month. Downside: it's a monthly fee, and you don't always get things you love/use in the box.

2) Use sale codes. Upside: no monthly fee or commitment. Downside: You get discounts off the full price of the items, not the Maven Price.

Personally, I'm a Maven, because I not only use the products myself, but I often gift them to girl friends. Regardless of if you sign up to be a Maven or not, take advantage of this sale and give the eye liner and lipstick a try! You'll be addicted, just like me ;-)

You can click on the picture to head to the site, or just click here ! Don't forget to use code NEW14159X to get your discount! Happy shopping!

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