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One of the best things about the current Athleisure trend is the tennis shoe. It's making a big comeback, and they're anything but boring. I've picked a few of my favorites to share with you. I tend to stick to neutrals personally, so that's the color scheme for my favorite picks, but you can get just about any pattern, color, and style you crave these days!

I saw a video of Lily Aldredge wearing the snakeskin Michael Kors sneakers from the new Jet Set 6 collection white jeans and a comfy grey sweater, and now I'm in love. I think I need these for my November trip to Europe. The white converse are a classic staple, and I love the fun patterns and colors you can find Nike and New Balance in these days!

I hope that gives you some comfortable, fun inspiration! And (yep, you guessed it!) you can shop these shoes in the side bar this week!

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