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I always said I would never even try it. It was trendy. It was round. And, for goodness' sake, I was a commited lover of Burt's Bees. But then my girl friend Amber started using them, and one day when it was on sale I just have to give the e.o.s. (evolution of smooth) chapstick a try. I never looked back.

There are several reasons I left Burt's Bees in the dust just over a year ago. The eos chapstick container is so easy to open, and you don't lose the cap. The container basically twists in half. No tugging to have this tiny little cap go flying off to who-knows-where. Nope. Just a simple half-twist and your chapstick is open. I also love the Sweet Mint flavor. It's minty, it's sweet, and it's refreshing. My lips stay moisturized longer, too. Winning.

After loving the chapstick so much, I decided to give the hand lotion a try. Dry hands are one of my biggest pet peeves (I've run to get lotion for my hands twice while writing blog posts tonight because I can't handle the dry skin sound! Yuck), and the eos hand lotion is not greasy, not heavy, and moisturizes for several hours. I love the cucumber because the scent is light and fresh.

Finally, when they came out with shave cream, I left my standard Gillette can in the aisle to give the eos a try. It's more like a shave lotion. It's thick, creamy, and leaves my legs moisturized. I was prone to red, irritated skin and itching bumps after shaving before, but not any more! I love this stuff. And, for the price, you can't beat it.

So give eos a try if you haven't yet! I'm a big fan, and you just might be, too!

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