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BIG DAY. 10.05.14

I still get happy chills when I think about it. It’s just under six months ago that I stood under the chandelier that now hangs over our bed (post here!) at our favorite winery and promised forever to my best friend.

It was such an amazing weekend. My wedding dress, which perfectly matched the dress I had seen in my mind’s eye when touring our venue for the first time, was perfectly tailored and hanging on the beautiful wood-carved wardrobe in the honeymoon suite at Ponte Family Estate in Temecula. I had my five best girl friends with me, an amazing hair and makeup team ready to make me look flawless, and all my nerves from the night before had fallen away. Now that the day was here, I was calm and happy.

Just as we were finishing our hair and makeup, my wedding photographer for the day and long-time friend, Andrea, arrived to shoot the getting ready pictures. I would later find out that while Andrea took pictures of me slipping into my wedding gown, Gabe was on his knees giving our marriage to the Lord. I still tear up when I think of that. Just one of so many reasons why I trust and love this man.

Before the craziness of the day ensued, Gabe and I opted to do a First Look. We had gone back and forth on if we wanted to do it, and in retrospect I am so glad we did. The time together before we were swept into the whirlwind of the day is something I still cherish.

When the moment finally came to walk down the aisle, I was trembling with excitement, and focused on two things: smile and don’t cry. The day before at the rehearsal, I had ended up crying so hard that I couldn’t get through the vows! Thankfully, I managed to get through them all clearly and with glistening eyes instead of the excessive sobbing from the previous day!

I think these iphone shots sum up just how happy Gabe and I were after we said “I do”:

We then spent some much needed Bride and Groom shooting time with our photographer, since we had knocked out the family and wedding party pictures earlier. I loved wandering through the vineyards with my husband! The sun was harsh, but we were happy and in love, and Andrea is a magician:

We closed the night eating the best cake of our lives surrounded by family and friends who had loved and supported us through our dating relationship, and would continue to support us as we figured out exactly what marriage meant and how to do it well.

Almost six months later, I can honestly say that the vows mean more to me now than they did the day we got married. While they had impact and weight when we said them that warm October afternoon, they now have understanding, which I am sure will continue to grow as we walk through life together. Marriage is the hardest, best thing I’ve ever done, and I am so excited to have a man as patient, kind, consistently loving and ridiculously silly as Gabriel by my side.

So there you are, Reader! I hope that helps you get to know me a bit better! Feel free to reach out to me with any comments, questions, or just sharing some love at

P.S. Want my vendor details? Here you go!

Photographer: Andrea Patricia

Tux Rentals: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid Dresses: BL Couture

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