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Sometimes we need a dress for that special occasion. A dress that makes us feel beautiful. Powerful. Unstoppable. Perfect.

But, we don’t always want to pay the high prices to get those dresses. Especially if chances are good we’ll wear them only once. Because, as we all know, when the next big even rolls around, none of us want to wear a dress we’ve already been seen in. Enter Rent the Runway.

At Rent the Runway, you can borrow designer gowns and accessories for a fraction of the retail price (usually around 10%) and return them after your event! You can choose 4- or 8-day rental periods, and they provide you with a free additional size (because who knows if you really need that size 2, or if it runs small and you need a 4!) and a pre-paid shipping label for easy return. I’ve always used them on a one-time rental plan, but they now offer a monthly plan where you can rent and return as many dresses and pieces as you like! How brilliant if you have a busy month, or just like the variety of designer pieces at your fingertips!

I used RTR for my engagement photo shoot last year. I wasn’t sure what I would want to wear, so I rented two Kate Spade dresses, paying careful attention to the user reviews (these are key! They tell you if a dress runs small, long, is loose up top, etc. So helpful!) and picked a sparkly pink dress (here) and a beautiful, full-skirted striped dress (here).

The whole process was effortless, including the return, and my photos looked amazing! I ended up only wearing the pink dress for engagement pictures, so Gabe and I went out to a fancy dinner the night before so I could wear the blue dress, too!

Want to give RTR a try? Use promocode FIRSTRTR25X754 to get $25 off your first rental of $75 or more!

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