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Road Trip!! Two of my favorite words. I love love love the dedicated hang-out/adventure time that a road trip provides. That being said, not having the right things with you can make those hours a drag! So, here’s what’s in my bag when we’re headed on a road trip!

1) Sparkling Water – If you’re anything like me, you need to stay hydrated but you also want something a little more refreshing than still water. I’m currently crushing on Pellegrino, and pretty much always have a bottle with me.

2) eos lotion and chapstick – I’ll write more about these in the future, and why I love them both so much, but yes. Team eos for all things moisture!

3) Travel Kleenex – Sudden allergy attack driving down the 5? Unexpected bump necessitate a napkin, stat? These Kleenex hold their shape and are a constant staple in my purse.

4) Audio book – My husband and I both love the extended book listening time road trips provide. We’re currently devouring the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a try!

5) Blanket Scarf – The hubby likes the AC on much colder than I do! A blanket scarf is the perfect answer.

6)Munchies – My go-to? TJ’s Omega-3 Trail Mix and Sour Patch Kids

That’s it! What do you like to take when you road trip?

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